As the temperatures begin to rise with and summer on the way, you might think that ventilating your foundation crawl space will help with airflow and control temperatures under your house. This is a bad idea for several reasons.

Hot air rises. Plain and simple. Open crawl space vents create the “stack effect.” The air in your crawl space is drawn up through your home going from bottom to top. The air in your crawl space is the same air that is in your home. If it is hot/warm outdoors and your crawl space vents are open then the air vented into the crawl space is hot/warm and each floor of your home will feel hotter/warmer.

When your vents are open you are wasting your money on air conditioning if you open your crawl space vents because your air conditioner only has to work harder. Why not work smarter? Close your crawl space vents when it is hot/warm outdoors and stop penalizing yourself with higher utility bills. Who wants major energy penalties?

Note: If and when the temperatures dip, cooler air will be vented into your crawl space, causing the above floors to also be cold and making your heating system work harder than it needs to in order for you to be comfortable in your home. Vanity Vents easily and affordably fix the hot and cold problems that open crawl space vents create.

Another problem with open crawl space vents is that water can get into your crawl space. This can cause flooding, but it also can create a natural breeding ground (warm, wet air in a dark space) for mold and moisture. This can also cause unpleasant odors that can fill your home because of the stack effect.

Consider this: When you keep your crawl space vents open you are basically opening the door and inviting all sorts of bugs, rodents, and other pests. If termites make your crawl space their home, you could be in for some serious damage to the infrastructure of your home.

Doesn’t it make sense to save up to 15-20 percent on your energy costs, protect your home from water/mold problems and keep pesky bugs and critters out of your crawl space? Your best solution is to close those crawl space vents by covering them with Vanity Vents.

Vanity Vents will help to weatherize your home foundation crawl space and increase the value of your home while creating amazing curb appeal. Homes with the best curb appeal appraise higher, sell faster for more money on average and create a home that stands out as the most attractive home on your block.

If you are tired of dealing with Home Depot Styrofoam crawl space vent covers or want an alternative to Lowe’s Styrofoam vent covers then Vanity Vents are for you!

Open outside crawl space vents are not energy efficient. Open exterior foundation crawl space vents let hot/warm air fill your entire crawl space under your home in the Summer months. And it works the same on a 30–40-degree Winter day. If it is 30 degrees outside, then your home is sitting on top of an ice cube and that cold air is filling your home.

On a hot/warm 80-degree day your home is sitting on top of a heating pad. You can fix these problems and reduce your utility heating and air-conditioning bills with Vanity Vents. And Vanity Vents install in literally 3 seconds

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