Vanity Vents Product Availability Policy


Distributor may, in its sole discretion, and without advance notice thereof: (a) change the prices, charges and terms of sale of the Products; (b) modify the Products; (c) discontinue the sale of the Products; (d) approve or reject returns, allowances or other adjustments; (e) reduce or allocate its inventory of Products; (f) and effect changes to any of the Products or parts/accessories thereto (except where continued availability is required by Law).

Products will be shipped in accordance with the according to the terms and conditions set forth on this website.

In any case, where products are totally or partly unavailable after an Order is placed, the Buyer will be accordingly informed by email as soon as possible and about the total or partial cancellation of their order. In that event, the Buyer shall be refunded the price of the unavailable product as soon as possible.