The price of each individual Vanity Vent cover is $19.97. So, if your home has 8 crawl space vents then you would order 8 Vanity Vent covers for a total cost of $159.76 (8 times $19.97 = $159.76).

If you purchase a second set of Vanity Vents of a different vent color (or even if you only purchase a single Vanity Vent of a different color) at the same time (i.e., on the same website visit that you make your first Vanity Vent color purchase) that you purchase your first Vanity Vent color you will receive an additional discount of 50% Off on the second color vents (applied after the 30% discount is applied to the second color vents).  The 50% Off additional discount on a second color Vanity Vent is ONLY applied to the vent color with the lowest number of vents ordered in your cart (and ONLY applies to the second color not a third and fourth color vent).


If you purchase 12 Green vents and 12 Tan vents, your charge will be $19.97/ea. for the Green vents and $9.99/ea. (50% off $19.97) for the Tan vents.

If you purchase 4 White vents for your backyard vents and 6 Gray vents for the front and side yards (i.e., the very classy Two-Tone Look) then the charge is $19.97/ea. for the Gray vents (vent color most ordered) and $9.99/ea. for the White vents (the vent color with the lowest number of vents ordered).

Note:  To take full advantage of your 50% Off discount… if you’d like to purchase all 4 colors, we recommend you do that in 2 separate visits to our website (2 separate purchases) as the 50% Off discount ONLY applies to the “second” vent color in your shopping cart… not the third and/or fourth vent colors.

Thank you for your business.