Short and Sweet… short of becoming an engineer and then choosing which of the several schools of thought you adopt… the question of whether to close your crawl space vents all year round has a commonsense answer.

Even considering any of your unique circumstances, your climate, the special building construction you have, etc., the smart thing to do is to close your crawl space vents when it is extremely hot or excessively cold outside so that you can maintain crawl space vent insulation under your home.

The first year that you close your crawl space vents take note how much more comfortable the interior of your home is in both Summer and Winter. Check your crawl space from time to time (like you do now probably) to inspect for any problems.


Use Vanity Vents foundation vent insulation covers to close off your crawl space vents. They provide immediate weatherization… they will keep the chilling cold and the melting heat out. Vanity Vents aren’t meant to completely seal your crawl space vents. We don’t recommend that.

If you want to completely seal your crawl space the best way to do that is to “encapsulate” it but that costs about $20,000 for a small home. Not a cost-effective solution for most homeowners.

Consider this:

Depending upon where you live, generally there are two times of year that you can expect moderate weather/temperatures (i.e., not 90 degrees in the Summer or 32 degrees in the Winter). If you feel it necessary for your home to breathe, to let the air in your crawl space recirculate, then these moderate temperature times may provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

But when it is too hot or too cold outside then you can very quickly and easily close-up your crawl space vents with Vanity Vents foundation vent insulation covers. Vanity Vents install with no tools in about 3 seconds. Very easy. Bam – you are done.

Your circumstances may very but most homes can leave their Vanity Vents for multiple seasons… just inspect your crawl space as you normally would.

What is the best way to seal your crawl space vents?

There is only one product on the market today that is at the top of its class and that you can install in about 3 seconds… Vanity Vents !!!

You can get Instant Curb Appeal, immediate weatherization for your home, and crawl space vent insulation with Vanity Vents. Close your crawl space vents with style. Be the best looking home on your block.

Vanity Vents come in four amazing colors, doesn’t warp, bend, fade or chip. Made from 100% recyclable material. Made in America 100%.

Do your home a favor and throwaway your dirty, dingy Styrofoam vent covers (or cover them up with Vanity Vents)… they are not helping you to make a good first impression for your home or providing crawl space vent insulation.

Background Information:

There are currently three (3) schools of thought on whether a homeowner should or should not seal or ventilate their foundation’s crawlspace year-round.

1. Around the 1980’s (depending upon your part of the country) building code regulations/requirements mandated crawlspace vents be put in every new residential construction for full ventilation purposes. This school of thought recommending full ventilation year-round is no longer widely supported… they tried it and it doesn’t work the best.

2. After nearly 40 years of installing crawlspace vents in homes, a cottage industry has now been born and this school of thought believes that your entire crawlspace should be sealed with plastic and the plastic artificially ventilated… that sounds clean and cool but it costs about $20,000 for a smaller home. Not a real alternative for most homeowners.

3. Wisdom teaches us that most times the smartest answer is found somewhere in between two opposing ideas. On one hand you have full ventilation and on the other hand you have fully sealed, no ventilation. The wise answer is that you take the best from both worlds.

Don’t fully ventilate or fully seal your crawl space. Use Vanity Vents crawl space vent insulation in the hot months of Summer to keep your home cool AND use them in the cold weather months to keep your home warm and comfortable in the Winter.

Personally, I use my Vanity Vents year-round and I’ve never had a problem… and my home has so much more interior comfort. Saving money on heating and cooling bills is pretty good too.

Any time you use Vanity Vents you get the immediate benefit of instant curb appeal.

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