Keep these 4 things in mind when it comes to Vanity Vents:

1. Instant Curb Appeal.

People comb their hair and wash their car because they like themselves and their things to look nice. Why not make the largest investment of your life look it’s best too? Vanity Vents make your home more distinctive as their elegant color accents create “instant curb appeal” on all sides of your home by tastefully covering your dirty bare crawl space vents.

2. Lower Utility Bills.

Does lowering your utility bills interest you? Exterior outside crawl space vent covers keep the air under your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer which means your furnace or air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the indoor temperature you desire. Less work for your furnace/air conditioner means reduced energy consumption… which means lower utility costs… and you are helping the environment by using less energy.

3. What’s the Alternative – Ugh!

Your alternative is a dirty, crumbly, blow down the street Styrofoam vent insert. Those don’t last and they aren’t very attractive… like not at all. If you already have them then just cover them up with Vanity Vents for a double layer of insulation. If you don’t have them then simply install Vanity Vents for instant curb appeal, better weatherization and a more comfortable experience inside your home.

4. Nobody Else on Your Block has them Yet!

Vanity Vents are relatively new to the market (3 years) and the viral effect is just beginning. Any way you look at it… It’s like putting jewelry on your home… and it looks great!

Vanity Vents…. 100% recycled material and Made in the USA!

And yes, they do fit right over the top of the Styrofoam vent inserts you have now… and they come in 4 gorgeous colors.

Which color would look best on your home?

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Note: This article is not meant to provide professional advice. Your circumstances may vary so do your homework to make the best choice possible for your home. Thank you.