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VANITY VENTS Crawl Space Vent Covers


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Do Nothing Use Styrofoam Use Vanity Vent
Curb Appeal X
Lasts a Lifetime X
Available in Multiple Colors X
Environmentally safe X
Won’t Chip/Crumble X
Won’t Break X
Won’t Discolor X
Installs Easily X
Best Bargain X
Made in the USA X


As a homeowner, you might have asked yourself, should I seal or vent my crawl space? You are not alone in that question, and many people have given themselves a headache wondering what the right decision is in order to protect their home’s structure. As much of the advice for years was to ventilate the crawlspace, most owners did not think much about it. However, leading research shows that leaving your crawlspace open invites moisture, which then leads to damaging mold, bugs, and critters. As all homeowners are aware, this damage can be incredibly costly and a pain to fix.

With this kind of damage so readily apparent, homeowners should invest in high-quality preventative measures. Vanity Vents are exterior foundation vent covers that are incredibly durable and able to withstand nature and wildlife so your home can remain protected.


Vent covers are available in many different styles and materials. Picking out a vent that will prevent problems for your home can be confusing with so many options. It’s important to remember while choosing a vent cover that durability is key.

Exterior crawl space vents need covers that can keep out unwanted elements. When choosing vent covers for your home, you need to go with a durable material. If you choose a material like styrofoam, you will not get as many benefits as our durable vent covers.

Please note that Vanity Vents are designed to be an outdoor construction type product for home improvement. Because Vanity Vents are made of recycled materials and like a piece of lumber (e.g., a two by four) your Vanity Vents may have slight marks on them… not visible to the eye if you are 4-5 feet away. We will always provide you with near mint condition vent covers but please be aware that due to the nature of the material we are dealing with… your Vanity Vents will not always have a perfect surface. If a Vanity Vent doesn’t meet our high quality standards then we will make it available as an “imperfect” vent cover at a reduced cost on our website when available.

If you have any questions please email ( ) or call ( 503.548.7444 ).

Our foundation vent covers carry a high standard of durability, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your home. You can expect many advantages from our durability, such as:


Our vent covers are made with a material that resists scratches, dents, insects, graffiti, mold, and bacteria. It also doesn’t rust, so you don’t have to worry about your foundation vent covers becoming an eyesore on your house after only a few seasons. It will look amazing while withstanding most damages.


No matter where you live, our vent covers can withstand harsh weather temperatures and still be effective. The vent covers are able to work within temperatures between -20 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll be able to face the changing seasons without worry. Harsh weather conditions, like humidity or water, will not rot, warp, or delaminate Vanity Vents.

High-Quality Material

The material we use for our vent covers is tough and strong so that you can have peace of mind. It has GREENGUARD Gold Certification and is an acceptable material to use around sensitive individuals, like the elderly and children. It is a versatile material and is used in things like food and water storage.

The base material in Vanity Vents is also used for:

  • Ballistic plates
  • Boats
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Automobile parts
  • Park benches
  • Truck bed liners & more


As a homeowner, you have a lot of maintenance chores on your to-do list to check off–cleaning the gutters, painting your exterior, landscaping, and keeping up with roofing repairs, to name a few. Running a home can seem like a full-time job, and the last thing you want to do is buy something that needs to be repaired constantly or is hard to clean.

Vanity Vents require minimal maintenance, so you don’t have the pain of upkeeping another thing around the house. If you ever do feel like your exterior crawl space vents need to be cleaned, use a hose to water them down. Wipe or brush away any excess dirty water to easily get rid of grime. There is no need for harsh chemical cleaning products to keep vent covers clean. Another great part of our vent covers is that they will not need to be refinished and will stay looking great.


Vanity Vents use an exceptionally eco-friendly building material. It is made from post-consumer products and is able to be recycled at the end of its usable life. The manufacturing process, completed entirely in the USA, is also environmentally conscious and does not create harmful emissions during production. Manufacturing our vent covers requires only a fraction of the energy needed to produce steel from iron ore, making this process even more eco-friendly.

Vanity Vents are safe for consumers—and the environment—because they are made entirely from FDA and USDA-approved material and do not contain BPAs, phthalates, heavy metals, or allergens. However, they are not recommended for areas with high levels of radon gas, so keep that in mind before you invest in one of your own.


Foundation vent covers will help you save warm air on cold winter days and keep cool, conditioned air in the house during the summer months. Having adequate insulation for your foundation vents will save you money on heating and cooling bills. Our research shows that using Vanity Vents in your foundation vents will keep your crawl space 15-20 degrees warmer in the winter months and 15-20 degrees cooler in the summer season. Put Vanity vents over existing styrofoam covers for extra insulation. They can be a genuine help.

When using our vent covers, your home will enjoy a comfortable cooling and heating environment that won’t get overly humid. The humidity in your crawl space is correspondingly improved by 15-20 percent, though results may vary.


Vanity Vent Crawl Space Vent Cover Before and After

In contrast to styrofoam covers, which crumble easily, become stained with dirt and grime, and don’t come in special colors, Vanity Vents provide the finishing touch on your home’s exterior. If you want your home to look elegant and clean, our sleek vent cover designs are a perfect choice to ensure your covers will not be an eyesore to those going past your house.

You can pick out the color that best compliments your home, and with its high-quality material, your foundation vent covers will blend seamlessly with your home’s overall curb appeal. Because not only does it last longer and is more durable than styrofoam covers, they look better too. Curb appeal can be a big selling factor to potential buyers and is important to homeowners who take pride in their homes. If you have any questions about the fit, installation process, or maintenance tips, our FAQ page and blog have more information.

Compare: Styrofoam Vents – $9.00 for 2-3 years /// Vanity Vents – $21.97 for a lifetime (in color)
a few dollars gets you all these VANITY VENT benefits