Welcome… We are happy to be of service. Our Vanity Vents fit the standard size crawl space/foundation vents of many homes but in some cases you may have a different size requirement to keep the cold and heat out of your crawl space. If you do not have a crawl space then Vanity Vents (custom order or NOT) is probably NOT the right product for you. With that said, we can help you solve your problem in most cases. You will need a custom application if your crawl space/foundation vents are not the “Standard Size” (see below).


Please measure your crawl space/foundation vents to determine if you will need a custom application before you order as follows:

Vanity Vents work with exterior outside foundation and crawl space vents that have an inside measurement of 7 ¼”high x 15 7/8”wide and feature a narrow vertical middle panel to which the Vanity Vent Clip attaches. You will not need a custom application if your vents are of the following standard size:

Inside (Open area) dimensions of a crawl space vent: 7 ¼” tall x 15 7/8” long
Outside dimensions of a Vanity Vent cover: 8 ¼” tall x 17” long (1/4” thick)
Outside dimensions of a Standard Crawl Space Vent: 8 9/16” tall x 17 ¼” long

If you have questions, please email or call us at info@vanityvents.com or call 503.548.7499.

The standard size vent looks like this below:

Vanity Vents - Measure the proper size of outdoor vanity vents

Vanity Vents - Proper scaling of vents in a home

Regarding Custom Orders please note a few requirements:

  1. Custom vent pricing is based upon the size of the vent covers you are requesting. Material costs are our number one expense.
    • a. Essentially we charge you the same per square inch charge (typically less) as our regular Vanity Vents plus a per piece customization/handling fee of $5.
  2. All Custom Orders are non-returnable, non-refundable but we will work with you to make you happy… that is job #1 for us.
  3. Customer pays shipping costs depending upon final weight and distance to ship via UPS Ground. We will estimate on the low side to make it easy for you.
  4. Most Important: Measure Twice, Cut Once.  It is very important that you send us pictures of your vents so that we can make suggestions and to make sure we do a great job for you the first time.  In your pictures, we will need for you to include a tape measure so that we can clearly see the exact measurements of your vent openings.  Otherwise, you can tell us the exact measurements but we sure would like to be a part of that measurement… 😊
  5. Custom Orders typically take up to 2 weeks to ship because we must wait for a break in the CNC partner’s larger production runs.
  6. Custom Orders are available in all 5 gorgeous Vanity Vents colors and there may be lead time necessary to order a specific color if we do not have enough in inventory to supply your order.

Thank you for understanding our system for Custom Orders… it helps us ensure that you get a quality product that works right for you.

This company is very nice to deal with. Shane is a fantastic person, he took care of my order, provided great customer service. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Ron R

I had the pleasure of working with Shane at Vanity Vents. My situation was a little different than the standard product line that the Company offered.
I spoke with Shane and he came up with a solution to my problem. I needed 22 vents and Shane suggested we do only one at first to make sure I was satisfied.
His personal approach was most appreciated as he became more familiar with my problem.
Gene G., North Carolina

My wife likes the appearance of your vent covers. She says they are a big improvement over the rocks I used last year to hold up the flimsy plastic flip up vent covers. The vents stayed in place over the weekend with fairly high winds. As a reminder our beach house is on low bank saltwater in the San Juan Islands area, but on the mainland. We get very high winds, sometimes as high as 70 mph.
Arley H.

Call or text us at 503.548.7444 or email us at info@vanityvents.com with any questions that you may have… we’d be happy to help you beautify your home!