Before we start… this article is not anti-import or anti-buying other cultures. We support and encourage everyone from anywhere who is a force for positive to be an entrepreneur. Take control of your life and build your own business. This article is only reporting on the published benefits of buying American.

As recent as 20-30 years ago, buying American products was as American as apple pie.

Fast forward to the marketplace today, and it’s hard to find items not imported from somewhere else. Go ahead and check. We’ll wait.

We bet you found some clothes from Taiwan. Or you found shoes made in China or fruit from Brazil. And how about that car sitting in the driveway? There is a 45.5% chance it is from a foreign country.

At Vanity Vents we want to reinvigorate the pride of buying American manufactured goods. You may think there aren’t many American-made companies anymore, but you’d be wrong.

Here are the:

Top Five Reasons Why Buying American-made Products is Important

1. Provides American Jobs

We live in an economic culture where companies move manufacturing plants to foreign countries to hire cheap labor. Consider this staggering statistic that approximately 300,000 American jobs move overseas each year.

These are jobs that could help stimulate the U.S. economy. Committing to American manufacturing means guaranteed jobs for thousands of people.

Buying products with the “Made in the USA” logo helps support American jobs now and into the future.

2. Better for the Environment

American technologies are leaning toward cleaner, renewable energy practices. Buying American-made products ensures you’re doing your part for the environment.

Consider Vanity Vents… 100% recycled material and it cuts down on your utility costs… your energy consumption… which helps the environment. They immediately make your home more distinctive and they create instant curb appeal. Exterior outside crawl space vent covers to keep the air under your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. And they are Made in the USA!

3. Better Regulation of Labor Standards

American manufacturing facilities get held to a higher standard for labor regulations. These regulations protect worker safety and quality standards. There are foreign facilities that endanger lives by not enforcing safety and quality regulations or standards.

4. Made in the USA” Means Better Quality

60 percent of Chinese consumers prefer products made in the USA over products made in China? Not only that, but 50 percent say they would pay more for American-made products.

Products “Made in the USA” mean superior quality, and consumers worldwide agree. Vanity Vents outside exterior crawl space vents are made in America. It’s like putting jewelry on your home.

5. Outsourced Manufacturing Jobs Rarely Return

If you look across the landscape of outsourced jobs, you’ll notice that they rarely return. That’s a big problem for American workers. But you can protect American jobs by committing to “Made in the USA” products. Supporting American workers is easy. Look for the “Made in the USA” logo.

Support American-Made Products

You can do your part to protect American jobs and the environment by supporting “Made in the USA” products.

Thank you !!!