A crawl space is rarely considered when maintaining a home. After all, it’s a space beneath the house seemingly meant to be forgotten and dirty.

But an open crawl space vent is a massive risk to a homeowner. With an open vent, moisture gets in, allowing for a wave of mold that can be intensely damaging to the property. Animals enter and form nests while chewing up the wiring. Insect infestations often start in the crawl space. Venting a crawl space is a must.

What’s Wrong With Ordinary Outdoor Vent Covers

The crawl space needs protection from the elements, and standard outdoor vent covers aren’t always up to the challenge. That’s where a quality vent cover comes in handy. Classic vent covers are made from cheap, easily destroyed styrofoam. These vents fail to provide lasting protection and are toxic with their environmentally unsafe materials.

They’re also aesthetically unappealing. Made in the blandest of colors, these outdoor vent covers look dull to the home and add no extra appeal. Furthermore, the material is often hard to clean, resulting in a wave of mold and dirt on the covers, making them look dingy.

The Advantages of Colored Vent Covers

For these reasons, it’s essential to consider the value of decorative vent covers. These attractive accessories provide a splash of color to your home, enhancing the property’s aesthetic value. However, these decorative vent covers are the strongest defense against the outside world. They are made from some of the sturdiest materials on the planet, making them the most reliable option. Here are a few reasons to consider these covers when venting a crawl space.

The Colors of the Vent Covers

Vanity Vents is proud to offer colored vent covers in five bold colors to complement your home’s look neatly. These decorative vent colors won’t discolor even under the harshest conditions, and cleaning is a snap with a splash from a hose and a wipedown with a towel. Here are the available covers:

  • Our Gorgeous Gray vent cover has a nice slate look to suit a modern flair, neatly matching brickwork almost invisibly
  • The Brilliant Snowflake White vent cover offers sparkling clean energy to any home of any style, particularly ones with heavily painted wood paneling
  • Particularly effective in desert climates is the Totally Tasteful Tan vent cover, which looks attractive against the sand
  • In a lush, verdant environment, the Perfect Forest Green vent cover looks lovely amid trees and grass, as well as homes painted in a rich color to add a soothing appeal to the neighborhood
  • Finally, for a distinct look that can’t fail to draw attention, the Classic Tuxedo Black adds a bold splash of darkness to any space but can also neatly match areas with a nice dark coat

These decorative vent covers will ideally blend in neatly with the look of your home. After all, that’s one of the key advantages of these decorative vent covers. They can match the aesthetic of your home in a way you don’t get from standard vent covers, which generally come in a single color or two. With these bold items, you can seamlessly cover any space in your home and match the look of your property.

These come in handy when reselling the home. “Curb Appeal” is a key selling factor for new home buyers. They’ll consider how nice a home looks from the street, and an uncovered vent or a discolored one might be a reason to pass on buying the house. These inexpensive items are a great way to add curb appeal.

These vent covers will match your home’s look and have several other significant advantages to explore.

Effectiveness of Decorative Vent Covers

A decorative vent cover is more than just a pretty addition to your home. These vent covers work year-round to keep your home feeling comfortable, with covered vents holding warm air in the coldest months of winter as well as cold air in the hottest months. A good vent cover will reduce your heating and cooling bills compared to a vent without a cover.

These vents also provide a reliable method for creeping out those frustrating rodents that can bedevil a person, regardless of whether they live in the city or the country. Nobody likes finding such problems as a wave of rats or a possum family under your home. Decorative vent covers seal the house off to keep animals out.

These items are also weatherproof, standing up to problems ranging from floods to snow. They’ll withstand extreme heat up to 120 degrees and cold of minus 20 degrees. Even in these harsh conditions, the decorative vent covers will never warp or rot. They’ll stand up to the job every time.

The Material

The reason these colored vent covers perform so well is because of the material they’re built from. Our base material is used in a wide variety of other products, including benches, car parts, medical equipment, and even sports accessories. They’re hardy and meant to last, resisting scratches and insects.

These vent covers benefit the environment. Unlike the infamously toxic styrofoam, these outdoor vent covers are made from post-consumer materials. Fittingly, as recycled before, they very easily recycle themselves when done with them. Even their manufacturing process is far less toxic than the process for such items as the manufacture of steel.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to invest in decorative vent covers. The vent covers add aesthetic value to your home while serving as a robust protection method against the threats of weather and rodents. For added value to your home when venting a crawl space, consider one of the many fine Vanity Vents products today!