Most industries, especially the construction/home improvement industry, are looking for ways to alleviate their negative impact on the environment now that governments and businesses are placing more importance on sustainability.

The most common construction and demolition (C&D) materials found in landfills are actually valuable materials that can become new products with efficient and economical recycling. Some of these construction waste materials include concrete, wood, plumbing vents, cardboard, and metal.

Below are the top five reasons to purchase recyclable products:

1. Saves Construction Cost

Construction companies spend a lot to purchase construction materials to meet the demand for quality and durable materials to produce a more stable and strong building. Recycling is less costly compared to disposing of these C&D materials. This is a beneficial option for construction companies looking to minimize production costs and maximize their profits.

2. Fosters Economic Growth and Innovation

Recycling created 757,000 jobs, $6.7 billion in tax revenues, and $36.6 billion in salaries in one year as per the 2016 study conducted by the EPA. It’s even more today… much more. Construction waste can become a part of other products such as tiles, iron sheets, plaster, cement, bricks, among many more materials. This results in increased income generation and the creation of more employment.

Recycling also triggers innovation in technology. Example: To process the high volume of recycled products, factories developed the use of artificial intelligence technology to create photo-optic eyes that automate the sorting processes.

Consider Vanity Vents… 100% recycled material and it cuts down on your utility costs… your energy consumption… which helps the environment. They immediately make your home more distinctive and they create instant curb appeal. Exterior outside crawl space vent covers to keep the air under your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer.

3. Saves Energy

Virgin materials in the manufacturing process require more energy to be extracted and manufactured compared to recycled materials. Disposing of C&D materials is not only a waste of resources but also energy. By opting to recycle, you can help clean the environment and overcome potential waste.

4. Preserves the Environment

Considering that one-third of all refuses nationwide is construction waste, a lot of it ends up in landfills. It pollutes underground water and surrounding native habitats. These landfills are gradually filling up, meaning it is high time to begin looking for other ways of disposing of this waste. Recycling construction materials can remarkably diminish the negative environmental impact. Furthermore, this approach is very economical for the companies that chose to use recycled products.

5. Promotes Competitive Advantage and Good Community Relations

Recycling promotes a reputation for environmental awareness, and this positively differentiates your property or company from facilities that do not have recycling projects. This advantage can enhance your company’s reputation and positively influence consumer behavior. Research from Nielsen states that brands that promote sustainability can capitalize on increased customer expectations and demand.

The quickest way to recycle construction waste is to blend it back into the new building or the new building site. Some of this may occur naturally. In remodeling or repair projects, you can use Vanity Vents for your bathroom. Vanity Vents are 100% recyclable and won’t warp, fade or break. They are one of the longest-lasting materials available in the market.