Totally Tasteful Tan Vanity Vent


Vanity Vents are durable, environmentally friendly crawl space vent covers that enhance the curb appeal of your home while saving you money on energy bills.

  • Enhances Curb Appeal

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Keeps Home Comfortable

  • Lasts Forever

  • 3 Second Installation

  • Maintenance Free

100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 days – No Questions Asked Guarantee with Free Return Shipping.
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How to Buy:

1. Count the number of vents you have in your crawl space/foundation.
2. Are they the standard size vent? (see picture below) Vanity Vents work with foundation and crawl space vents that have an inside measurement of 7 ¼”h x 15”w and feature a narrow middle section that the Vanity Vent clip attaches to.

3.  Order 1 Vanity Vent for each Vent you have in your home.
4.  100% Money Back Guarantee. Free return shipping on returns as long as you follow our instructions – UPS Shipping.
5.  Please email us at or call 503-548-7444 to request a different size or application.
6.  For bulk orders please email us at or call 503-548-7444.

Our Specialty

Vanity Vents are crawl space vent covers that last a lifetime, do not discolor, break, warp, crumble or fade… and they come in 4 beautiful colors. Vanity Vents are essentially maintenance free and are made from a tough, durable material that we have specially made and UV treated to be environmentally stabilized to withstand direct sunlight and the harshest heating or freezing weather conditions. They can stand up to most damage, dents, scratches and will never rust. And they are resistant to insects, graffiti, mold and bacteria.

Put Vanity Vents right over / on top of your dirty Styrofoam vent inserts and get DOUBLE the layers of INSULATION … Plus Vanity Vents are beautiful in person!

The #1 Green Building LEED Certification specialists in the world recommend our material that Vanity Vents are made of as “the” most environmentally friendly building material of its type.

Vanity Vents are designed and manufactured in the USA and are very easy to install… anyone can do it – no tools required. It takes literally 3 seconds.

* 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 days – No Questions Asked Guarantee with Free Return Shipping.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Typically no tools are required to install your new Vanity Vents (Step 1). Simply align the Vanity Vent with the opening of your foundation vent (Step 2) then insert the Vanity Vent Clip into the elongated hole in the Vanity Vent so that you make sure the Clip has grasped the center panel in the foundation vent (Step 3).

Gently but firmly push the Vanity Vent Clip all the way onto the center panel, in as far as it will go until it fits snuggly in the elongated hole in the Vanity Vent (Step3). Do not overthink it. It is a very simple installation.

You’ll notice that the slot in each Vanity Vent is slightly off center. That is done on purpose. Please install your Vanity Vent so that the slot when attached to the vent is both 1) slightly above the vertical center and 2) slightly left of the horizontal center.

Also, insert the pin with the long flat side on your left.  Simply insert and give it a pop with the heel of your hand (if you have delicate hands then please use a rubber mallet or the heel of a tennis shoe).  Please be careful and wear protective eye gear when installing your Vanity Vents.  Make sure you push the pin with your hand as far as you fairly easily can on to the vent BEFORE you give it a pop.

It is not necessary for the Vanity Vent to be perfectly flush with the outside of your foundation. However, in some cases, you may have to remove some extraneous small clumps of dried concrete (over-splash) in and around the existing vent in the foundation (typically the size of a small pea or less). You can remove this over-splash by tapping the extra concrete lightly using a hammer and screwdriver. Again, do this gently and remember that your Vanity Vents do not have to be perfectly flush with your existing foundation vent. If you do this, please be careful and wear protective eyewear and gloves.

Put Vanity Vents right over / on top of your dirty Styrofoam vent inserts and get DOUBLE the layers of INSULATION … Plus Vanity Vents are beautiful in person!

In no way does the application of Vanity Vents ensure the stoppage of mold, mildew or moss growth. As you would normally do, inspect your crawl space periodically to make sure your Vanity Vents are working most effectively. It is not required, needed or recommended that your Vanity Vents be sealed to your foundation.

NOTE: Your Vanity Vents are easily trimmed to size if needed using a simple power saw (handheld or table saw). 99.9% of the time there is no trimming required. Additionally, they can be easily drilled with a hole saw if you need to have a hole in the vent cover to accommodate any wires, exhaust vent tubing, etc. In either event, please be careful and use proper eye protection and protective gloves when customizing your Vanity Vents.

If you have any difficulty, please email us at or call 503-548-7444 to request assistance.

Free Shipping and Returns – 100% Money Back – 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

with Free Return Shipping if you are not 100% Satisfied.

Please contact Vanity Vents at or call 503-548-7444 before you return any product. When returning product please return it in the same packaging (box and bubbles) as it was originally shipped. Tape the box well because of the weight of the box. Please contact us for Return Shipping Instructions at or call us at 1.503.548.7444.

If you have a problem with your Vanity Vents, we will fix it.

100% Money Back for 60 days – No Questions Asked Guarantee with Free Return Shipping.

Yes, you can use Vanity Vents right on top of your unsightly Styrofoam vent covers, no problems!

About Vanity Vents

Vanity Vents will help to weatherize your home foundation crawl space and increase the value of your home with greater curb appeal. Homes with the best curb appeal sell faster and for more money on average. If you are tired of dealing with Home Depot Styrofoam crawl space vent covers and want an alternative to Lowe's Styrofoam vent covers then Vanity Vents are for you.
Open outside crawl space vents are not energy efficient. Open exterior foundation crawl space vents let cold air fill your entire crawl space under your home in the Winter months. And it works the same on a hot 80-degree Summer day. If it is 30 degrees outside, then your home is sitting on top of an ice cube. Or on a heating pad on an 80-degree day. You can reduce your utility heating and air-conditioning bills. Vanity vents installation takes literally 3 seconds.