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1. You are throwing money out the window… or in this case out the crawl space vent!

Open crawl space vents are worse than having an open window when you have the furnace or air conditioner running. If it’s 85 degrees outside in the Summer, then the air temperature is 85 degrees in your crawl space under your home… it’s like you are living on top of a hot plate. If it’s 35 degrees outside in the Winter, then the air temperature is 35 degrees in your crawl space under your home… it’s like you are living on top of an ice cube. Install Vanity Vents and raise/lower your crawl space air temperature by about 20 degrees. 20 degrees is a big difference when you are trying to heat/cool your home*. When your furnace / air conditioner runs less you Save Money. Are you living on a hot plate/ice cube?

2. The $$$ Value of your home is not Optimized!

Your raw exterior foundation crawl space vents are an eye sore, especially if you are using Styrofoam vent inserts. Your outside crawl space vents add nothing and possibly detract from the value of your home because they detract from the curb appeal of your home. People comb their hair, wash their cars, shine their shoes to look their best. Why not do that for your home – it’s the largest investment you have? You have heard that location, location, location are the Top 3 most important things in real estate… what they don’t tell you is that Curb Appeal is number 4. If you enhance your home, you are enhancing the value of your home. Vanity Vents add Instant Curb Appeal! According to a study done by Michigan State University, a home with landscaping and effort put into curb appeal can increase perceived home value by 5 to 11%.

3. Frozen water pipes in the Winter are no fun!

Without crawl space vent covers, in the Winter your water pipes are exposed to those outside cold temperatures. It is not unheard of for a water pipe to freeze and burst. What a mess! Vanity Vents warm the air temperature in your crawl space by keeping that extra cold air outside making it safer for your water pipes. If you don’t want the cold air in the crawl space, then shut the door – close the vents. Note: Of course, in ultra, extreme cold temperatures all bets are off – you may need to put insulation wrap on your pipes to protect them. The National Average cost to fix “one” burst pipe is $500.

4. Your Alternatives are a Major Problem.

As in you don’t have many reasonable options when it comes to covering your crawl space vents. Most exterior outside vent covers are either ugly (Styrofoam) or too difficult to install. With other vent covers you are either going to have to use concrete screws, glue, caulk, etc. Why bother… Vanity Vents installs in 3 seconds – no tools required, anyone can do it. Let’s face it, raw crawl space vents are ugly – as are Styrofoam inserts! But I will tell you if you use Vanity Vents to cover your existing Styrofoam inserts you double your layers of insulation. Not a bad idea.
Choose 1 of 4 Vanity Vent colors and “exterior decorate” your home.

Visit Vanity Vents… Exterior crawl space foundation vent covers immediately make your home more distinctive with instant curb appeal on all sides of your home. While beautifying your home Vanity Vents help to cut your utility costs… reduce your energy consumption… which helps the environment. Exterior outside foundation crawl space vent covers keep the air under your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. It’s like putting jewelry on your home…

* In corporate testing Vanity Vents was found to keep crawl space air temperatures 15-20 degrees warmer in the Winter as well as 15-20 degrees cooler in the Summer. Also, the crawl space air humidity was found to be improved by 15-20 percent. Your results may vary due to the construction of your home, the climate where you live or other factors.