Foundation vents are built into your crawlspaces to help aerate your home, but open vents can cause lots of problems. They can be unsightly and cause you other problems, many of which can cost you money. If you’re looking to sell your home, curb appeal is important. Even if you’re not selling, studies have shown that homeowners prefer to spend more time at their own homes if they look better and the owners feel better about the state of their homes. 

Rather than relying on styrofoam foundation vent covers, many homeowners are turning to our durable vent covers to help enhance the appearance of their home as well as save money. This article discusses some of the ways in which vanity outdoor vent covers can help improve your home’s overall value, whether you’re staying in to enjoy your space or putting your home on the market. 

What are the differences between styrofoam vent covers and Vanity Vent covers? Read on to find the answer to this question, as well as how to reduce energy loss and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal with new crawl space vent covers.

What is Crawlspace Venting?

Your home’s foundation vents are designed to help regulate airflow throughout your home, but often this necessary design element can turn into a structural liability. Allowing in excess moisture can lead to further problems, as dampness breeds mold and mildew, causing potential health risks and an undesirable musty smell. Outdoor vent covers are meant to prevent this, but some are less successful than others.

Poor insulation and exposure to the elements increase the risk of your pipes freezing in the winter, requiring uncomfortable, dangerous, or expensive solutions to fix. Don’t forget that insects and animals can crawl inside an uncovered vent, too. Do you want to squeeze into a dirty, dingy crawlspace full of bugs and rodent droppings to try to access your water pipes? We wouldn’t, either!

Another problem with venting, besides moisture, is the proliferation of pests using your vents as their own personal crawl space. Vent covers do little to mitigate the pest traffic in and out of your home—at least, the traditional styrofoam vent covers do! 

The Problems with Styrofoam

Styrofoam foundation vent covers are cheaply made and poorly fit for any home. Their poor weather resistance compromises your vents and exposes your crawlspaces to the elements. Damage accumulating over the seasons reduces the effectiveness of the seal, allowing in pests and other unwanted elements. Unfortunately, this is far from the only environmental impact of styrofoam vent covers.

Because it is easily windblown and doesn’t degrade easily, styrofoam is a common sight along the world’s beaches. The harmful chemicals that are used in polystyrene construction make all this litter a health hazard for humans and wildlife. Styrofoam can even leech beneficial chemicals out of the water and the environment, as well as clog up natural bodies of water.

As vent covers, polystyrene also accumulates dirt as well as damage, making styrofoam pieces an ugly and ultimately unhelpful measure to seal your foundation vents. Rodents can easily damage the pieces and find their way in through the gaps. Dirty, scarred styrofoam pieces also diminish your home’s curb appeal, whether you want to sell it or just enjoy the space in comfort and style. 

How Can Our Vanity Covers Help?

What alternatives do you have to unsafe and unsightly styrofoam? What are the differences between the old styrofoam vent covers and Vanity Vent covers? 

Unlike cheap styrofoam manufactured overseas, Vanity Vents are all made and shipped completely in America. We’re proud of the durability and construction of our vent covers. Your foundation vents deserve something lasting but also appealing, which is where the Vanity Vents really shine.

Available in a variety of colors, Vanity Vent covers are always going to match your home’s exterior for maximum aesthetic appeal. For a more solid fit, it’s possible to resize the covers so that they create a more thorough seal. Unlike styrofoam covers, Vanity Vents are pest-proof; rodents and insects can’t damage the strong metal construction. The sleek style doesn’t sacrifice defense for appearance, giving you the best of both worlds. 

The rugged construction of the Vanity Vent covers is resistant to weather conditions; they won’t warp and flake away like cheap styrofoam pieces. They do not show dirt and stains as much as styrofoam, and are easy to wash—unlike rough styrofoam pieces.

Vanity Vent covers form a pest-proof barrier to moisture and weather, keeping your crawlspaces secure. You’ll lose less heat in the winter and allow in less heat in the summer, which helps you save money that you can spend on other parts of your home instead of the energy bills. You could try adding a small flower garden, knowing that the pleasing color of your vent covers will easily fit your desired look. 

Save Money and Sanity with Vanity

Ultimately, your home should be your sanctuary, and whether you’re selling it or trying to make it a more inviting place to live, your vent covers should never be holding you back. Replacing your low-quality styrofoam vent covers with stronger and more eye-catching Vanity Vents is a great way to reduce your energy bill and save money on expensive home repairs. Avoid excessive cold freezing your pipes and the frustration involved with pests in your home. 

There’s a reason Vanity Vents offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We wouldn’t trust the structural integrity of our foundations to styrofoam, and we don’t believe that your vent covers should be an eyesore or environmentally unfriendly. Vanity Vents blends the curb appeal of smooth and colorful options with durable, eco-friendly construction. 

Washing your Vanity Vent covers is an easy process: spray them with a hose and wipe them down and you’re done! These covers will last as long as your home and require little maintenance. 

The differences are clear. We recommend that you keep your home safe and budget-friendly with Vanity Vent covers and avoid the eco-unfriendly styrofoam alternative. 

If you have any questions, contact us or check out our FAQ page today!