The crawl space under your home can cause you big problems. In fact, much of the air in your home right now that you are breathing has cycled through your crawl space. When your crawl space is filled with mold and moisture, it can adversely affect your family’s health in the long run.

What causes the mold problems in the crawl space? Well, primarily, it is the moisture in the crawl space that leads to all these problems. If crawl spaces remain unprotected, they are more likely to get damp which leads to even bigger problems like mold and decay.

The Problem

How is moisture formed in the crawl space?

  • Given the unfinished nature of most crawl spaces, one can often find a lot of exposed earth and loose dirt in the crawl space. With time, moisture makes its way into the space through these areas. As the soil dries up, the moisture from the dirt evaporates into the air and goes up in the crawl space, making it a damp and moist area.
  • Groundwater can also work its way through to the crawl space and leads to the presence of excess moisture. This groundwater usually comes up from under the footing or through the cracks in the walls. The puddles formed in this area dry, eventually evaporate and permeate the walls of the crawl space.
  • Outside air that is filled with moisture can make its way to the crawl space and get trapped, adding to the dampness.

How does moisture affect crawl spaces?

  • Bad odors around the crawl space are a sign of moisture formation
  • Moisture in the crawl space often leads to mold growth
  • It can also lead to a buckling hardwood floor
  • The moisture creeping up the flooring can lead to damp and dirty carpets
  • Roof life decreases significantly
  • • The temperature of your entire home is affected by the cold Winter air or the hot Summer air that sits in the crawl space under your home. This means higher heating and cooling bills. Vanity Vents provide immediate weatherization to save on utility bills plus they add instant curb appeal.

The Solution

One absolute inexpensive way to help to minimize and decrease the negative effects of moisture entering your crawlspace is to close the wide-open vents (which are basically just big holes) that you have in your crawl space. You can start right here…. Right now.

Your crawl space vents are essentially wide-open windows to your crawl space where bad weather, high heat temperatures and extremely cold temperatures can create havoc for your utility bills (heating and cooling costs) as well as impact the overall health of your home.

You could spend $20,000 to “encapsulate” the crawl space of a small home but that is quite a costly undertaking. This is not the most viable solution for most homeowners.

The cost of Vanity Vents is under $200 for most homes and it’s a cost-effective fix to your humidity/moisture crawl space problems. Not to mention… Vanity Vents create instant curb appeal… it’s like putting jewelry on your home!

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Note: This article is not meant to provide professional advice. Your circumstances may vary so do your homework to make the best choice possible for your home. Thank you.