About vanity vents

If you are tired of dealing with styrofoam crawlspace vent covers and want an alternative that provides instant home curb appeal then Vanity Vents are for you.

Did you know that a recent study revealed that the perceived value of your home goes up significantly by making simple, inexpensive improvements to the exterior of your home to improve your curb appeal?

You have crawlspace vents on all four sides of your home that let cold air in during the Winter and hot air in during the Summer. Vanity Vents not only cover those unsightly vents (or worse yet the styrofoam plugs people use...) to beautify your home but it helps to weatherize your home too by keeping cold air out in the Winter and hot air out in the Summer.

As a homeowner you have probably heard that the three most important things in real estate our location, location, location but they never tell you what the fourth thing is… and that fourth thing is “curb appeal”.

Why do people wash their car, shine their shoes, put makeup on or even comb their hair? It's because they want themselves and their things to look their best. Why not do the same thing for the largest investment you'll ever make in your entire life - Your Home. Create Instant Curb Appeal...

Put Jewelry on your Home with Vanity Vents. (

Vanity Vents are essentially maintenance free and are made from a tough, durable material that we have specially made and UV treated to be environmentally stabilized to withstand direct sunlight or the harshest heating or freezing weather conditions. They can stand up to most damage, dents, scratches and will never rust. And they are resistant to insects, graffiti, mold and bacteria.

Made and designed in America. 100% Recyclable.


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Yes, you can use Vanity Vents right on top of your unsightly Styrofoam vent covers, no problems!

About Vanity Vents

Vanity Vents is a first-of-its-kind foundation crawl space cover that provides a high-performance alternative to unsightly, messy, crumbly and dangerous Styrofoam vent inserts.

Without crawl space insulation, your air conditioner and heating system are forced to work double time – and that means a higher utility bill. Our innovative home weatherization solution reduces energy bills in winter and summer by up to 15%. In time, Vanity Vents pay for themselves.

Vanity Vents crawl space covers also deliver impenetrable rodent control so that you can keep animals out of your foundation crawl space and protect your home’s structural integrity. Better yet, Vanity Vents improve your home’s curb appeal. Styrofoam covers are an eyesore, but Vanity Vents are sleek, refined, and elegant.

Designed and manufactured here in the USA, Vanity Vents don’t bend, warp, or discolor. They provide a lifetime of savings, insulation, rodent control, and good looks. We stand by the quality of our products – shop with total peace of mind knowing your purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.